Your partner for digital transformation of business processes in the automotive industry - Briefd

“Your partner for digital transformation of business processes in the automotive industry.”


Digitalization and optimization of business processes

“We strive to build a recognized and trustworthy company, forming a digital hub for best practices by bringing together experts in automotive and IT industry with the sole purpose of creating the best digital business experience.”

Marin Vladović, CEO and Partner

We are helping the key players in the automotive industry simplify their work processes, improve their operations and elevate the user experience for their customers, as well as employees through intelligent solutions.

We are actively promoting and encouraging the simplification of doing business through digitalization.

The Briefd team is developing and designing web platforms, which help you digitize your business processes, with exceptional drive and commitment. In addition, we provide digital marketing services, bringing the knowledge and insights gained also in the e-commerce sector into the automotive industry.


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Digital solution for improved used-car sales

Simplify your business operations and increase your sales with our digital platform by connecting you to your customers.

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Showcase your cars where your customers are

Improve brand awareness and accelerate the sale of your vehicles through utilizing new digital sales channels.



“We are realizing that the new digital reality is rapidly changing traditional business practices of selling and purchasing vehicles. At Briefd we embrace the digital transformation, as a new element of the endless change and evolution. Our agility, vast experiences from the automotive, IT and e-commerce industries, and broad network of partners provides us with means for rapid development of tools for coping with the future.”

Jan Mrhar, IT consultant and partner

Briefd is a startup company that combines 15-years of experience of creative experts from fields of digital marketing and e-commerce, software development, business process optimization, and automotive industry.

We are developing modern digital products and software solutions for car dealers and their integration partners, all the way from the purchasing department and logistics to insurance, financing and guarantees for the end customer.

We are here for you. Let’s embark on a journey of digital transformation in the automotive industry, standardized and unified business operations and user-friendly vehicle purchases, together.

Marin Vladović
CEO and Partner

An exceptional leader with a growth mindset and over ten years of experience in digital product development. After more than 5-year experience in leading the largest regional platform for price comparison ( and, he decided to direct his passion and knowledge into the strategic development of digital solutions for the automotive industry.
Mentality: "Luck is not a strategy and hope is not a method!"

Željko Radilović
Advisor and Investor

Ritch entrepreneurial spirit and long-term experiences in a multicultural environment in auto-industry reflect in connections with customers from over 20 countries. Focused on digitalization and optimization of business. As a strategic advisor and investor, he is of great value to many projects and start-ups. High empathic skills enable him to communicate and connect on a high level, which contributes to decision making and business growth. His empathy and compassion are also shown in his yearly donations to vulnerable socioeconomic groups and individuals.
Mentality: "Seek understanding before taking action and listen before speaking."

Jan Mrhar
Advisor and Partner

Experienced, devoted team and IT development leader with nearly 10 years of experience from the automotive world. Bravely pursuing new technologies and IT solutions. His passion and time are spread in various additional freelance projects. With exceptional people feeling he enjoys the roles of leader, mentor, and IT genius.
Mentality: “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant" , Louis Stevenson

Luka Kragelj
KAM & Digital Strategist

Goal-oriented marketing strategist, experienced in the automotive field, and product development. By keeping a close eye and following the latest marketing trends he has improved his marketing knowledge and skills tremendously in the last 3 years. His contribution to the firm is shown in up to date and successful marketing strategies.
Mentality: “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” - Roy t. Bennett

Marco Muhrer-Schwaiger

Capable, creative, strategic, process-, and team-oriented veteran in the fields of international business development, marketing and sales, in various industries, from IT to Healhtcare.with a dynamic outlook on life. Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to interface with individuals at all levels. He has strong talents in creating, developing, and producing communication and marketing pieces to a wide range of audiences. He solves complex problems systematically and rationally with a touch of creativity. "My versatile experience in various fields and industries has allowed me to develop exceptional skills in thinking on my feet, community outreach, and innovative commercial approach in international and intercultural business and relations."
Mentality: Successful things have to be monumental

Nino Kozil
Sales representative for the Croatian market & Auction Manager

A pro-active sales professional with over eight years’ experience in sales and implementing new software solutions in automotive industry business environment. By learning constantly and hitting targets consistently, he has develop a valuable and transferable skill set which can be applied to new business challenges presented to him.
Mentality: "Of all the frictional forces, the one that slows down human progress most is ignorance." - Nikola Tesla

Vid Pregelj
Marketing Assistant

Young and creative market enthusiast. His value can be recognized in content creation, copywriting, and marketing trends research. His strong fields are empathy and great communication skills.
Mentality: "You need to understand your limitations so you can overcome them." - Erin Morgenstern

Nik Klemenc
Product Designer

Passionate website designer. Continuously keeping up with any novelties from the digital world. Always thinking and designing from users' standpoint which makes his designs super user-friendly and practical. Driven by ever-changing trends and evolution of the digital world.
Mentality: “The only way to get smarter is by playing a smarter opponent.” - Fundamentals of Chess 1883

Gal Jakič
Product and Project manager

A web developer who transitioned into a product leader. His business path is paved with rich experience in building global web platforms and a supportive ecosystem for partners, clients, and team members.
Mentality: "The only easy day was yesterday."

Uroš Mrak
Front-end Developer

Application backend developer, skilled with Golang and Laravel. His pros is a broad knowledge of different digital tools and great team spirit.
Mentality: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison

Žiga Pregelj
Back-end Developer

Web developer with nearly 7 years of experience in apps development, servers, tools, and their optimization.
Mentality: "Do more of what works and less of what doesn't." - Steve Clark

Meet the business partners who are assisting us in development of our products and services

“We are looking forward to new integrations and partnerships. Our understanding of combining various verticals, developing synergies, increasing the market value, and leveraging financial power encourage us to expand across Balkans, as well as Central, and East Europe.”

Marin Vladović, CEO and Partner

With Briefd d.o.o., we provide car dealers within the online platform AutoBrief, a quick, easy and affordable offer of end- customers financing through financial leasing and car insurance arrangements, easily at your selected car dealers.

Andrej Pucer, CEO

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