Briefd - Faster and easier used car sales!

Faster and easier sale process of used vehicles online

Briefd is a simple web application that lets you publish and sell used vehicles online in minutes.

An intuitive system that you will actually use.

Speed up and simplify your work

Avoid delays in searching for and inserting vehicle details and equipment information for each used vehicle separately. Briefd allows you to quickly insert one or more vehicles into your system - on your mobile or desktop device.

Present your vehicles in a professional and polished manner

By providing a frame guide, the web app lets you take standard shots of vehicles from different angles.

Are you getting lost between papers and different Excel spreadsheets? With Briefd you have all the information in one place and accessible to all the team members whnever they need it.

While you are editing Excel spreadsheets, your customers are already online looking for the perfect used vehicle.

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Full control over your stock of vehicles

You want to know at any time which vehicles you have in stock. That's why Briefd gives you a quick overview of your entire stock, even if the vehicles are posted on various online portals.

One click publishing of vehicles on different portals

Soon you will be able to publish your vehicles on different portals with the auto ads in the Briefd app.

Your data is safe and secure.

The security of your information comes first. We take care of backups and complete traceability of the data to record any changes. This lets you check when a vehicle or any of it`s data was modified and who made the changes.

Post your used car online in minutes!

Whether you sell on used car portals or buy used  cars via trade-in, Briefd will speed up and simplify your work. Check out how it works in practice!

Briefd makes it easier and faster for you to publish vehicles online, so you can focus more on achieving better sales.

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Functionalities developed for vehicle dealers

  • Easily add one vehicle or quickly import multiple vehicles using an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Easy export of vehicles (Excel or pdf).
  • Easily enter vehicle information and edit vehicle (add, edit, delete).
  • A transparent list of vehicles with the ability to filter (by vehicle status) and search (by make, model, VIN number, year of registration…).
  • Capture standardized vehicle photos for a professional looking online presence.
  • Manual setting the status of the vehicle and automatically changing the status of the vehicle according to the conditions that the vehicle meets at that moment.
October 2020

Coming soon!
Added market analysis for better pricing for all vehicles.
November 2020
December 2020
Added quick import via VIN number.
Added automatic publishing to all major car portals.
January 2021

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